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Recently added incidentsMost rated: Tailgating/Aggressive driving

Number plate image for PJ66CXS

07:45 15-08-18. Black AUDI A3 S LINE TDI S-A 2016 Hatchback. A586 Thistleton to Greenhalgh. This perverted aggressor was tailgating me and trying to make me close the gap in front which I was leaving so that vehicles could get out at Thistleton cr… Read more >

Posted on 15/08/2018 at 08:50 by KirkhamStances
Number plate image for PE12ZTC

07:20 on 15/08/18. Black VAUXHALL ASTRA GTC SRI CDTI S/S 2012 Hatchback. A586 St Michael’s to Great Eccleston. Skinhead youth spending through St Michael’s and trying to overtake me in the 30 zone way before it became 50 but couldn’t do it … Read more >

Posted on 15/08/2018 at 08:35 by MisterTutt
Number plate image for K753OWV

07:05 on 15/08/18. Red TOYOTA MR2 1992 Coupe. A6 Bellflower, Garstang. Pulls out to turn right by Bellflower and squeezes between traffic instead of waiting for a safe space, speeds off then tailgates the one in front.

Posted on 15/08/2018 at 08:32 by MisterTutt
Number plate image for PK12UAD

07:05 in 15/08/18. Blue FORD FIESTA TITANIUM 2012 Hatchback. Cabus Traffic Lights, Garstang. Impatient driver at Cabus Traffic Lights. Goes into right turn lane to overtake then cuts in front of traffic going straight ahead.

Posted on 15/08/2018 at 08:29 by MisterTutt
Number plate image for DS15VMD

06:40 on 15/08/18. Silver VAUXHALL MOKKA SE S/S 2015 Hatchback. Coulston Road, Bowerham, Lancaster. Speeding up behind me in a 20 zone then driving very close as if to try to make me go faster. I could see his intimidating tactics with impatience.

Posted on 15/08/2018 at 07:49 by MisterTutt
Number plate image for ND57CYJ

22:20 on 14/08/18. Blue FORD FIESTA ZETEC CLIMATE TDCI 2007 Hatchback. Plastic-brained driver pulls out at speed onto Shrimp Roundabout almost causing an accident and speeds off towards Sainsbury’s and Morecambe town centre exceeding the limit. G… Read more >

Posted on 14/08/2018 at 23:32 by MisterTutt
Number plate image for L77AGR

FORD FOCUS TITANIUM TDCI Approaching roundabout on the A6 at ridiculous speed. In a rush to have an accident?

Posted on 14/08/2018 at 22:40 by NotMyName
Number plate image for M6JOP

FORD FOCUS Vehicle reg shows as unrecognised. Travelling so slow that the tractor in front was pulling away with ease.

Posted on 14/08/2018 at 22:38 by NotMyName

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